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The Stanford Robotics Center offers a superbly equipped site for researchers to collaborate in development and demonstration of technologies addressing challenges where robots are to operate in the real, complex, and unconstrained world they will share with people.


The Center is a Bridge from Research to Real-World Applications

The Stanford Robotics Center (SRC) provides an environment for researchers to work together on major real-world robotics challenges. Our concept is based on a multi-disciplinary and multi-application environment with facilities supporting advanced collaborative projects, a critical mass of world-class researchers, and an engaged consortium of industrial partners working together to forge a powerhouse of theoretical and applied robotic innovation. The cross-disciplinary research will contribute a shared core of robotic science and technology providing a foundation for achieving accelerated developments across our focus areas of Field Robotics, the Future of Work, Health and Wellness, and Education/Culture.

Key Areas of Development


Advances in robotics are opening new opportunities for application development in areas such as production automation, agriculture, the food industry, household services, medical services and rehabilitation, the entertainment industry, and in numerous activities involving leisure and hobby engagement. Current themes include humanoid robots and robots supporting people in everyday life, and these are supported by investigations in cooperative robots, bio-inspired robots, ubiquitous robots, and cloud robots.

Our Vision



The Center's work will involve a variety of robotics challenges, demonstrated in collaborative interdisciplinary Flagship Projects across pour four key areas of Field Robotics, Health/Wellness, Education/Culture, and Future of Work.  The projects will contribute to and benefit from the building of a common architecture and shared platforms that establish core research capabilities supporting current and future advances in robotic development.

Our Research