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Corporate Partnerships

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The Stanford Robotics Center combines a uniquely outfitted collaborative environment, a critical mass of world-class researchers, and an engaged consortium of industrial members in forging a powerhouse of robotic innovation. The cross-disciplinary research in these areas is contributing to a shared core of robotic science and technology providing a foundation for the acceleration of robotic development.  Flagship projects highlight individual application requirements while building upon the core technology base. 

The Center constitutes a cross-disciplinary team of researchers with a shared vision for robotics, a unique central facility for collaborative developments, a network for students and researchers to enrich the Stanford Community, and corporate member partners to help take our developments beyond the academic walls and achieve transformative impact in the world.

Benefits to Corporate Partners

We welcome collaborations and partnerships with local and international companies with an interest in robotics. Our Corporate Members enjoy:

  • Participation in Flagship Project development
  • Dedicated Faculty liaison
  • Early access to research and potential licensing
  • Premier access to Center facilities for one-on-one projects
  • Membership in the Stanford Robotics Center Advisory Council
  • Visiting Researcher exchanges and student visits to the company
  • Participation in retreats, conferences and workshops

Aims of Center Engagement

  • Exploit common needs of diverse application areas
  • Leverage technologies that are fundamental and enabling
  • Develop and validate new capabilities on physical platforms
  • Develop solutions to critical unsolved problems
  • Demonstrate real prototype and practical robots in the field
  • Exploit convergence of haptics, communications, and robotics
  • Share innovations to enable industry to build production and industrial-grade robots using technologies developed by the Stanford Robotics Center

Benefits to Stanford Community

  • Provides students with a state of the art robotics platform.
  • Attracts industry to collaborate and fund robotics research.
  • Supports Postdoc program supported through the center.
  • Expands graduate robotics curriculum and lab courses.
  • Promotes multi-disciplinary seminars and research retreats.
  • Robotics outreach for the larger Stanford community.

Corporate Membership Funding 

  • Collaborative, multidisciplinary Flagship Projects
  • Equipment purchases for establishing and maintaining a state-of-the-art robotics testing and development facility
  • Building simulated environments for field testing and analysis
  • Research activities of faculty and graduate students
  • Formal and informal interactions and communication between Corporate Founders and Stanford researchers

The Stanford Robotics Center is a Stanford University industrial affiliates program and follows university policies on openness in research, publication and broad sharing of results, and faculty freedom to pursue research topics and methodology of their choice. Please contact Center staff for details of University Policies.