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Courses by area constituting an Undergraduate or Graduate robotics focus in Computer Science

Semester Courses


  • Introduction to Computer Graphics and Imaging (CS148, Fedkiw)
  • Principles of Robot Autonomy (AA274A, Pavone)
  • Topics in Advanced Robotic Manipulation (CS326, Bohg)
  • Machine Learning (CS229, Ng)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques (CS221, Liang)


  • Introduction to Robotics (CS223A, Khatib)
  • Interactive Computer Graphics (CS248, Fatahalian)
  • Principles of Robot Autonomy (AA274B, Pavone/Sadigh/Bohg)
  • Computer Vision: From 3D Reconstruction to Recognition (CS231A, Savarese/Bohg)
  • Construction Robotics (CEE 327, Brosque)


  • Computer Graphics: Image Synthesis Techniques (CS348B, Fatahalian/James)
  • Advanced Robotic Manipulation (CS327A, Khatib) (not offered this year)
  • Experimental Robotics (CS225A, Khatib)
  • Character Animation: Modeling, Simulation, Control of Human Motion (CS 348E, Liu)
  • Machine Learning (CS229, Ma)
  • Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques (CS221, Hashimoto)